Wire and metal castings are produced onsite at Regal Castings Auckland and is 92.5 Recycled sterling silver.

Our chain is Machine made chain that has been out-sourced locally by Regal Castings.

Ball posts are made in the UK and have been imported by Regal Castings.

Regal's sterling silver can be traced back to the Perth mine in Australia.



Our glass beads are handmade by Glass Artist Lesley McIver based in the South Island New Zealand.

Each bead is individually formed by flame using lampworking, therefore no two beads are the same.

Glass rods used are Effetre Glass also known as Marano / Moretti Glass made in Italy by the Effetre International Company.



Shell beads are made from the Trochus shell and NZ Paua shells, that have been harvested in the Pacific Ocean which is then processed in China. and imported back to New Zealand by our supplier Ocean Shell LTD.



Jewellery box’s are manufactured in Titirangi  Auckland New Zealand by Sent Packaging LTD who imports their recycled eco kraft cardboard via BJBall Paper from china.

Pouches are made from cotton and manufactured in Auckland New Zealand by G & A Warburtons LTD and then screen printed by hand.



Metal scraps and off cuts are sold back to Regal Castings to be recycled or melted down into ingots and reworked into our Jewellery.

All filing's are sent back to Regal for refining.



Working with Sterling Silver requires chemical reactions during production, we use Lemon juice,Tangelo juice or White Vinegar mixed with Salt when pickling our Silver.